Student Qualities



The image of a true student of J.M.J. He / She is proud of His / Her school and should show it by

  • Respecting the elders especially one’s parents and teachers standing up when they enter or leave the room in which he / she happens to be, standing erect when being spoken to by them, helping them when the need arises, never making fun of them.
  • Being friendly and not quarrelsome with one’s companions.
  • Being honest in one’s dealings with others, truthful in speech, sporting in behaviour.
  • Being clean and tidy in one’s person always having one’s shirt buttoned, hair done and shoes polished and in one’s home, helping the others to clean up and wash and not scatting papers on the floor or throwing about in the classroom.
  • Saying “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon” and “Good Evening” at proper times, “Please” and “Thank you” when asking or receiving anything.
  • “May I come in” before entering a private room, classroom or Office.
  • Never use vulgar speech or bad language, shouting in the play field, hooting or booing at a match.
  • Always be cheerful, smiling, and ready to help.

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