• Regular attendance in class is an important factor of good education. Hence on every absence, a written request  signed by the parent must be made in the hand book. This should be produced on attending the class the next day after the absence, and countersigned by the class teacher.
  • Leave of absence will be granted only for valid and serious reasons. Failure to submit the application as directed above renders the pupils liable to action.
  • Half-day leave will not be granted to students. Once they come to the school, they have to attend the whole day, unless requested by parents in case of emergency.
  • In case of serious illness and absence for more than 5 days, the Principal must be informed in writing together with the Medical certificate.
  • Absence, without leave granted by the Principal for more than 10 working days, will lead to the removal of the name from the rolls of attendance. Once removed from the rolls, the process of re-admission will have to be followed; it will be done only at the discretion of the Principal.
  • A minimum of 85 % of the total working days of the academic year is a prerequisite for promotion.

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