Fr. Mathias wolff
Founder of J.M.J.

Fr. Mathias wolff, a priest belonging to the society of Jesus (Jesuits), is the founder of the society of Jesus Mary Joseph. He was born on 6th March 1779 at Diekirch in Luxembourg. He was a missionary in Nederlands. Finding the need of liberating the Catholics and educating the poor Christian girls in Holland, he founded the Society of Jesus Mary & Joseph in the year 1822, with 6 Sisters. He left behind a legacy of ever-adaptable apostolic availability, a Charism that is so profound and ever new. Slowly this Society grew in numbers, types of charitable services and spread to India, Indonesia, Rome, Africa and Australia. The sisters were asked to “keep the four corners of the world in their heart” and to “work like a giant”. Gradually they were available to take - up all types of works and needs including education, medical care and social services. Today there are 1300 sisters all over the world.



Born on March 6th in Luxemburg








Novice in Jesuit Novitiate in Belgium




Missionary in Culemborg - Holland




Superior of Jesuites of the Dutch Mission




Founded the Society J. M. J on July 29th




Died on October 31st in Culemborg




"Always ready for souls. I want to work like a giant"


Sr. Dr. Mary Glowrey
Servent of God

In 1904 the J.M.J. sisters came to India, Guntur, in Andhra Pradesh and did yeoman service in the field of education of poor girls and training women in medical field. The pioneering efforts of Rev. Sr. Stanislaus Swamykannu in the cause of higher education is unforgettable. Sr. Mary Glowrey is the first sister Doctor to venture in the field of training women in that area at the beginning of this century and is the Foundress of the Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI). Now there are 800 sisters in India

There are four provinces in India- Guntur, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Raipur. Bangalore province has institutions in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa and Kerala.

Bangalore province has four junior colleges, nine High Schools, two Upper primary schools and ten Primary schools. Among the medical institutions St. Philomena’s hospital Bangalore holds the pride of place. Hospitals and health centres in nine places serve the village people. There is a school of Nursing in Bangalore, college of Nursing in Bangalore and Dargamitta (A.P.) and other social service centres like Home for the aged, Integrated school for the Blind, Self help programmes, Women empowerment programmes etc.

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