School Motto - Love, Joy and Service

Our objective is to promote the total development of every student, and to integrate the visually challenged students in a normal atmosphere.

To accomplish this, we strive:-

  • To help the students to become persons of character.
  • To instill and strive after excellence in every field.
  • To inculcate moral and spiritual values.
  • To promote interpersonal relationships.

  • To be unselfish and to be at the service of others.
  • To value and rightly use their freedom.
  • To be clear and firm on principles and courageous in action.
  • To become agents of needed social change in our society.

It is primarily a School for Catholics, yet all students are admitted irrespective of caste and creed. The school as a minority institution, reserves for itself its inherent and constitutionally recognised right of management and administration.

The curriculum, is, arranged so as to prepare students for the secondary school leaving certificate examination. The School follows State syllabus.

Smart class is a digital initiative which is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in school with innovative and meaningful use of technology, powered by the world’s largest repository of digital content mapped to School Curriculum. Smart class brings in technology right next to the green board for teachers in the class rooms. Students learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts watching highly engaging visuals and animations. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students while improving their overall academic performance in school. Smart class also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class with an innovative assessment technology- smart assessment system.

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