Points to Ponder

  • Be always thankful to God for the wonderful gift you have received from him.
  • Be always friendly with others in and out of school.
  • Accept whatever work is assigned to you as your rightful share and face difficulties courageously.
  • Lend a helping hand to your parents, brothers and sisters at home and to rteachers and companions at school.
  • Prove yourself truthfully in your words and deeds, whatever be the cost you have to pay.
  • Observe good manners and etiquette in your behaviour every time & everywhere.
  • Make a Time-Table for the day for your study, rest and recreation, giving importance to difficult subjects for study.
  • Avoid vulgarity in your talk and behavior, keeping off bad friends. Never make fun of others, especially the old, the poor and handicapped.
  • Never hesitate to say an emphatic ‘NO’ when asked or tempted to do anything wrong.
  • These will help you to grow as a person of regular habits, the most valuable asset for human life.


Cover your books neatly and write your names and bring to school in school bag. Students who do so find that they do not lose their books and the books can be kept tidy throughout the year.

Bring your handbook every day to school, duly signed wherever necessary.

School gates are closed with the first bell. Hence do not come late to the school.

Be in your place five minutes before the assembly or class begins.

If you have lost or found any thing in the school premises, contact the office.

Attend the school in correct and proper uniform. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

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